2016 Golden Film Awards Announces Winners and Celebrates International Filmmakers

January 11, 2017

The US Hollywood International Golden Film Awards held its annual gala to present the GFA  Michael Tse, GFA Founder & Committee Chair, proudly announced the winners of the 2016 Golden Film Awards. The evening celebrated filmmakers from around the world including outstanding actor, Tang Guo Qiang from China, who received the Special Achievement Award.

Hosts Lousine Karibian, Wil Remington, and Supermodel, GFA Ambassador, Jin Ye introduced the nominee film clips and brought to the stage Honorary Chair Yang Bu Ting, Committee Co-Chair Jimmy Jiang and Vice Chair Kimberly Kates, along with advisory board members, and special guests to present the awards.

Winners were chosen from over 380 submissions from 18 countries and regional zones. Below are some the awardee highlights, the complete list is available on hifilmfestival.com/winners:

GFA Jury Award of International Film & Cultural Exchange Award is given to films across all categories that capture unique and innovative approaches to the art of the filmmaking. This year’s recipients are “Please” – Shirley Sui and “Shadows of Plum Flower” – Dou XinPing; International Film & Cultural Exchange awards to Actors Aixia Zhan, Namu Yang, Pang Shu Min, Master Long and Gao Fei Fei, as well as Fashion Stylist Barbara Wang.

2016 GFA Outstanding Awards

Outstanding Up & Comer Actor: The Last One – Paul Bailey – UK

Outstanding Up & Comer Young Actress: Kayla’s World – Kaylas Bohan – USA

Outstanding Actor: The Parallel Project – Barrett Gregory – USA

Outstanding Picture: An Enslaved Princess – China

Outstanding Up & Comer Director – Illusion – Germany

Outstanding Up & Comer Actress: Zhang Ruyi – Date of Redemption – China

Outstanding Short Film: A Night at the Movie – USA

Outstanding Screenplay: Wang Xiao Wei – The Lost Elixer – China

Outstanding in Cinematography: NanKou 1937 – China

Outstanding Producer: Wang Ming Sheng – Eagle Flute Saussurea – China

2016 BEST Category Winners:

Best Visual effect: NanKou 1937 – China

Best Screenplay: No Days Off – Anthony Reigert – USA

Best Make Up: The Clown – Jennifer Roy – USA

Best Editing: In The Red Corner – Canada

Best Cinematography: Inventor – USA

Best Short Film: Kayla’s World – USA

Best Student Film: One Day – Max Sznewajs – USA

Best Documentary: Thousand Year Promise – China

Best Foreign Film: Muet – France

Best Supporting Actor: Ho Fung Pang – Soul Exchange – Hong Kong

Best Up & Comer Actress: Nina Xining Zuo – Journey – USA

Best Up & Comer Actor: Jiang Zong – The Lost Elixer – China

Best Actress: Nicole Jones – Four Day Weekend – USA

Best Actor: Carl Bailey – Pineville Heist – Canada

Best Director: Lee Chambers – Pineville Heist – Canada

Best Picture: Where Is She Now – John Henry Richardson – USA

GFA “Golden Film Award” Special Recognition to Bill Duke

The goal of the USHIFF Golden Film Award (GFA) founders is to expose international talent and to build bridges of understanding and creativity within the film industry. We invite a new generation of filmmakers to “Twist the System” by rewarding unique and unorthodox approaches to filmmaking. USHIFF emphasizes emerging technologies such as mobile devices and digital media in film production and distribution.

Believe Impossible Things, Never Let Go Of Your Dreams” said USHIFF Golden Film Award Committee Chair, Mike Tse.

The award ceremony was organized by the Golden Film Award Committee, coordinated by IFSM Fashion Production and IFSM Committee; Co-organized by HiFex, WCTEV.

Sponsors included: GFA and IFSM Committees; Big Screen Entertainment, MelonLive TV, HIFEX, Dalke Hayter PR, Pro Gems Jewelry, ChicElements, New Wave Media, Napa One Wine, Inc. Remy Martin, Napa Cellars, Solid Culture Communication, Media Partners WCETV, 8sian Media, TWN, DJ Flyswatter, Gingi Skincare, AML Academy, Hollywood Weekly, Show Guide 88.com, Movie Trend, IFSM Fashion TV, Iching International, CCTV, and Masaki Matsuka.

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