2019 IFSM Int’l Fashion Supermodel Goodwill Ambassador: Johnny Brink

March 07, 2019

While the Int’l Fashion Supermodel Goodwill Ambassador you see in our ad campaigns and runway shows come from all corners of the globe, were discovered as young women & mens growing up in relatively small towns, and in the past fews years, Apple Jia, Angekica K., Queenie Yomokogi and Jin Ye although they’ve reached the pinnacle of industry success in the fashion world, IFSM Johnny B

If you’re wondering who the next goodwill ambassador for the IFSM fashion supermodel , major fashion brands might be, look no further than these girls.

Goodwill Ambassador of IFSM Int’l Fashion Supermodel world finale and spokeperson for fashion brand Queenie Yumokogi will rock the fashion runway in 2019

This 27-year-old California Boy began his career with Fashion WeekLA— has already scored some very prestigious gigs, including Host in Fashion WeekLA spring 2019 show, special guest appearance in Beijing,China for 2019 IFSM Fashion New Star and runway bookings for the likes of Courtney Allegra, Duchente, Queenie Yumokogi, Cyna Z. Johnny Brink 6’8” a Blizzard volleyball player for National Volleyball Association , has that amazing athletic build body type, appeal that’s so popular these days, so it’s not too surprising that designers are smitten with him.

Johnny Brink is now a regular as still model for many fashion brands he’s proven to be incredibly versatile, which is a great indicator that he’s in for a promising career in modeling beside as a athletic

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