Hollywood In’l Film Festival MicroCinema Tour

August 02, 2015


Hollywood International Film Festival

The US Hollywood Intl Film Festival (HIFF) launching its 2015-2016 Micro Cinema Film showcase is a joyous celebration of the art and craft of cinematic storytelling with a goal of fostering a meaningful global conversation between cultures and countries through Cinema. The Film Festival are presented a mission by nurturing and encouraging new film /shorts making talent, honoring the great masters of world cinema and providing audiences with a unique opportunity to engage in an appreciation of and a dialogue about the art of cinema as it is represented around the world.

US HIMFF includes the following competition categories:drama, comedy, documentary, Int’l student, foreign language and animation. In celebration of our the film selected Best will be awarded a special make HIFF Trophy. Be a part of this global cinematic experience.

Can you show the world what you can do, join us, and submit to the US Hollywood Int’l Film Festival. The US Hollywood Intl Film Festival is now accepting submissions for its International celebration of cinematic arts. The selected films will be available on the web starting September 1, 2015.

Founded in 2013, the US Hollywood Intl  Film Festival celebrates the range and diversity of filmmakers in an interconnected world. Encouraging filmmakers to “Out of the box” by rewarding unique and unorthodox approaches to film making, HIFF emphasizes emerging technologies such as mobile devices and digital media in film production and distribution.

We wanted to create a cloud for a film festival where geography and physical distance wouldn’t be a constraint,” says Co-Vice Chair Michael “All films & shorts are welcome, so aside from tackling a creative challenge, these filmUSHIFFAwardmakers sidestep the high costs inherent in creating a full-length feature.” The Festival seeks to showcase both established and undiscovered filmmakers by utilizing social media to share these films with a worldwide audience. “The Festival enables filmmakers to hone their craft, promote their work, and interact with a global audience.”

Filmmakers are encouraged to embrace “e media,” a style of film making that encourages interaction with the audience, specifically through the internet, social media, and online venues.“Audience participation is now the driving force in media today. Google, Facebook, Twitter, all of this is shaped by and shapes the content we partake in, absorb and mold. That’s what this year’s festival is about.”Special co–production opportunities with Far East partnerships and crowd sourcing campaigns initiated by the Festival, will enable the filmmaker to create a full-length film. “It’s all about helping the filmmaker[s] empowering them, providing them with a platform to show their work, make names for themselves, and hopefully create careers out of what they love,” he says.

Submissions must be delivered electronically by October 8, 2015. Submissions can be made through storyslates.com, Any question feel free and contact us.


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