IFSM Fashion WeekLa 2021 Summer Collections Seeking Next Generation IFSM Fashion Fashion Models

June 26, 2021

While COVID-19 has been messing around with the past year’s fashion week schedule, we have high hopes for 2021. Despite that many fashion weeks will remain a combination of both physical and digital events, the show must go on. Expect an entirely different look on fashion, though, as many designers have taken the time to focus on what their label stands for – while preparing for a more sustainable future.

A fashion industry event in Los Angeles Ca. which allows veteran /emerging fashion designers,new brands, industry professionals or “up & comer” to display their latest collections in runway shows and buyers and the media to take a look at the latest trends. Most importantly, these events let the industry know what’s “in” and what’s “out” for the season.

As one of the the premier redcarpet event at IFSM Fashion Week LA which will be launch in August & Oct 2021, which is one of the most comprehensive and the most influential cultural fashion event of the season.

An elegant opening reception ceremony is all about delivering the high quality live fashion show kicks off the event of runway shows emerging fashion designer, up & comer fashion supermodels , Fashion Award product launches, red carpet arrivals, gifting suites, performances, and designer showcases.

From 2014 , IFSM Fashion WeekLa has become an internationally recognized and respected fashion event. The fashion scene in Los Angeles has been transformed by our innovative shows and experiences major growth every season. IFSM Fashion embodies the diverse culture of LA and offers designers a world-class platform to showcase their collections.

Fashion stylist, celebrities, VIPs and media from the United States and around the world are set to watch IFSM Fashion Week.La live streaming with potential thousand and thousand viewers around the wortd

This year 2021, Int’l Fashion SuperModel (IFSM) Fashion ShowCase seeking Next Generation Fashion SuperModel(s) Candidates for the IFSM Fashion WeekLa – Are you the hottest up-and-coming fashion talent? Seeking to take your career to the next level? The IFSM Fashion Model Showcase can help you!Not onlywe will provide a platform to help you showcase your talent to the world, also you can quialify for direct entry to our IFSM super model grand finalist around the world. Plus many other amazing opportunity to launch your modeling career

This year in our Fashion WeekLa Runway Show offer them a brand new opportunity at our hottest fashion event to showcasing fashion brand from the freshest and most talented up and coming fashion designers.

This opportunity allows models to gain exposure within their niche and also gain massive international media exposure, future job offers, photoshoot, talent agent contacts, production offers , scholarship and tremendous opportunity for growth

Selected Models will take part in an exclusive IFSM Fashion WeekLa runway show alongside some of the most iconic fashion designers and Supermodels in 2021 IFSM fashion weekla A amazing l int’l fashion event in the heart of Los Angeles, Ca., The IFSM next generation supermodels showcase are an exciting opportunity for models to network, develop collaborations with other international designers, celebrities, industry contacts, high profile guest , talent agents, media, photographer and gain professional experience.

This “IFSM Next Generation Fashion SuperModel Fashion Showcase” program showcases talent that pushes the envelope on conception and functionality. Model(s) will be chosen by the Viewing talent agents and receive career development /management offer opportunity and tremendous opportunity for growth into the international market.

Please email us your profile & sample drawings/photographs for consideration .

ifsmfashion@gmail.com or parrisharris@gmail.com

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