Ken Russell Retrospective Screening Launches KPH Film Club

March 29, 2015

AHouseInBayswaterStillFilm Club nights are always fun and especially so, when history is being made in the form of screening an out & out historic documentary directed by one of the legends of English Cinema, Ken Russell. Yes, the name of Ken Russell rings a bell in even today’s youth. Born Henry Kenneth Alfred Russell, the big man was always in the news for some reason or the other. He is not only one of the greatest directors of all time but was a fine writer too. However, he was not always in the news for good reasons. His extraordinarily bold approach towards the church led him to many criticisms. However, the night of 26th June was earmarked only for one his greatest deeds till now.

KPH_RachelOMearaIn one of the most posh surroundings of West London and on the Ladbroke Grove Avenue, was held the inaugural KPH Film Club night. This was founded and headed by Gemma Dempsey, the undisputed queen of the music industry as well as the film fraternity. On the expected lines, the whole event was a huge sell out. However, the most remarkable thing about this event was its guest curator. One must be left wondering that how a guest curator can be the most remarkable thing of an event of such magnitude. Well, the answer lies in the fact that the guest curator was Vicki Russell, daughter of Ken Russell. Although, she herself is a wonderful costume designer, she will always be known as the daughter of Ken Russell. It was she who introduced the epic historical documentary titled ‘A House in Bayswater’. This documentary of epic proportions was not only written by directed also by her father Ken Russell in the year 1960. This documentary has in its heart the story of Ken Russell’s apartment’s building which was demolished in order to build an office. Yes, the spicy spirit of the apartment’s building was taken down in exchange for an insipid office’s spirit.

The screening included some of the big names of the industry including the likes of ‘Withnail and I’ fame actor Richard E. Grant, Canadian music maestro Bryan Adams, dead drop beautiful Rachel O’ Meara and famous director Sarah Aspinall. The screening was followed by a family style and yet very chic Bohemian dinner. Everyone one of these celebrities ate to their heart’s content. Apart from this, an exhibition of the early B+W photographs done by Ken Russell, was also on display and attracted huge attention.

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