Lily Lisa wins ‘TWN-Honorary Ambassador of the Year

August 02, 2015

The world networks annual Entrepreneur awards celebrate inspiring entrepreneur from all walks of life, One of the winners on the night was Lily Lisa who received the Honorary Ambassador of the Year award from Lousine Karbsain President of The World Networks In association with IFSM Fashion Production, and hosted by Cameron Penny and Jessica Surls, Lily Lisa received this award not because she is a pretty woman, but for her charity campaigns breakthroughs , and her creative successes hope projects that all contribute to making the world a better place.

Lily Lisa Executive Producer of Lily Lisa Hollywood in Los Angeles, Spent many years in the nonprofit charity networks, supporting years in hope project, a private partnership that supports homeless and humanitarian works. Also involved in many different way of film production, has produced documentaries/ television shows and series in US & China, as well as full-length entertainment shows “Lily Lisa Hollywood” for major television networks, and in 2013 She won Women of the year from God, 2013 & 2014 Miss Huran Polo Ambassador in China, Judge for 2013 In’t Fahsion SuperModel Search China Region, established her identity in Hollywood and aboard . Through ingenuity, imagination, and supreme resolve, In 2013 Lily Lisa got appointed as Regional Director for Shenyang Hollywood Acting Academy in China,

Lily will be counted on to be a main-stay in the industry, busily maintaining the integrity of the fashion entertainment industry for years to come.

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