Organizers of the US Hollywood International Golden Film Award Reveal Their 2020 Winners

December 17, 2020

Winners of the 2020 US Hollywood International Golden Film Award have been revealed, with the organizers publishing a list that features different categories of films from different parts of the world. The 2020 edition of the awards had over a hundred entrants around the world submitting their films for consideration across different platforms. The organizers of the awards created about 38 elite lists for effective categorization, assessment, and recognition.

The 2020 edition of the event takes a seemingly different approach due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the organizers creating a unique experience by going virtual. The film screening is scheduled to start from December 18 through to December 24 through a streaming partnership with

The GFA organizers wanted to create a virtual space for a Golden Film Award where geography and physical dice wouldn’t be a constraint,” said founder Michael T. “The films are only minutes —, so aside from tackling a creative challenge, these filmmakers sidestep the high costs inherent in creating a full-length feature.” This year 2020 GFA seeks to showcase both established and undiscovered filmmakers by utilizing virtual screening platform to share these films with a worldwide audience. “GFA enables filmmakers to hone their craft, promote their work, and interact with a global audience.”

The organizers of the awards congratulate all filmmakers for their dedication and hard works to pursue their dream while reeling out the list of 2020 GFA winners chosen from 30 countries and regional zones.

Some of the awardees include Noland Ammon in Back Stabber USA for Up and Coming actor, Mariama Colley Mebet Gambia for Up and Coming actress, outstanding screenplay to Inside Out USA, Bewitching China for Outstanding cinematography. Other awardees are highlighted as follows:

  • Outstanding Visual Effect – Plant, Italy
  • Outstanding Cinematography – Bewitching China
  • Outstanding Actress – Nasanin Nuri for Forbidden Power, USA
  • Outstanding Short Film – InTune, France
  • Outstanding Foreign Film – Small Town Big Winter, Argentina
  • Outstanding Documentary – B.L.I.N.D- Born to live near darkness, India
  • Outstanding Producer – Lee Chamber, The Devil Knows You’re Dead, Canada
  • Outstanding Director – Pascal Payant, Stolen Season, Canada
  • Outstanding Picture – Await the Dawn, USA
  • GFA Goodwill Ambassador – Dr. Michael Long
  • Best Screenplay – Barcode, Turkey
  • Best Documentary – After The Lockdown Black In Los Angeles, USA
  • Best Foreign Film – Allen Ellen, Spain
  • Best Short Film – Starfish, USA
  • GFA Best Up & Coming Actor – Jason Sterling, Uyoma, USA
  • Best Up & Coming Actress – Karina Kolokolchykova, Allen Ellen, Spain
  • Best Producer – Ruben Pla The Horror Crowd, USA
  • Best Actor – Gregg Christie, Await The Dawn, USA
  • Best Actress – Nicolette Mckeown, Autumn Never Dies, UK
  • Best Director – Li Taiyanzi, Ouyang Hai, China
  • Best Picture – Forbidden Power, USA
  • Producer/Director Sophia Romma received the GFA Special Achievement Award.

For more information about the awards and to get a complete list of winners, please visit the GFA official site:


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