Roll Back the Years: Debut Single by Shannon Kanu

July 07, 2014
Shannon Kanu, a twelve year old girl, is the singer behind the popular and meaningful song “Roll Back the Years” that is continually aired on various radio stations

A 12-year old Shannon Kanu who is going to be 13 this year is gifted with a beautiful voice. She delivered the meaning of the song Roll Back the Years clearly. This song is full of essential meaning it is all about a separated family’s children as they suffer the most broken families. Shannon Kanu could make her debut with a nice love song or any dance song, but she tried it with a good message along with pure singing. The song is written by Ana a nine year old girl.

Ana finishes the writing of the song in September last year and Shannon dubbed the song last February when she was only 12. This is a dream come true for Shannon to sing professionally someday.

She is not sure if she will be a full-time singer, but singing is surely her passion. All depends on people if they like her. She is in preparation of another song right now and all of her songs are written by Ana Sanu.

She really loves singing. When she was just a kid, she goes to Church to sing Christmas Carols. She wants to do something for those kids who don’t have parents. She is a kind hearted girl who wants to help old people too. She is waiting for her full Album yet. She is learning Music as well as studying.

She showed her interest in singing when she was just 2 months old like one day she was crying badly and mum put the Music in and she stopped crying. She started singing at the age of 2. By the time she’s grown up, she realized that Singing is what gives her happiness.

Here are the things people say about Roll Back The Years by Shannon:

Absolutely fantastic, what an amazing voice and really emotional lyrics

Pure talent….mature voice with full of emotions…really heart touching….she will be a top singer in near future…keep going, this is a top class start Shannon…

Wonderful, I’m going mad fan of this girl, interesting, unique, incredible and amazing voice she have. Wish you all the best in future and blessing you will be shine soon in this universe

Roll Back the Years by Shannon is now available on YouTube.

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