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Choose Your Publicity Package For Your Crowd-funding  Campaign

Do you have a  budget for marketing? Want to get the campaign out now? Want to feature your crowd funding campaign reaching 286,000 people* potentially on different social media sites , Are you trying to raise over $10,000? Want the best chances of reaching your campaign’s goal fast? If Yes to all five questions then our Special Premium plan-most cost effective and will get the world excited about your project,  is great for your crowd funding campaign. It includes more backers, extra media promotion,Press Release, article release, Video Submission ,Facebook advertising, Priority support, and more !

* Most relevant topics are
  • Film, creative, art, fashion
  • technology, gadgets
  • home related topics
  • traveling 
Orders are processed 1 to 2 business days. For basic orders, we often deliver within  12 hours.
$49Get the Campaign out ,Get The Funding In !
  • ✔ Placement on Yobuz Wire
  • ✔ Sent to Search Engines
    (Bing, Google)
  • ✔ Placement on High PR Press Release Sites
  • ✔ Article Release  to 40 online blogs
$199Get everyone talking, Reach your goal fast
  • ✔ Everything in Basic Package
  • ✔ Distribute to 1500 plus
    News Media Contacts
  • ✔ Sent to 1000 Magazines,
    Television and Radio
  • ✔ Sent to 500 U.S.
    Magazine Contacts
  • ✔ Placement on Major News
  • ✔ 5 Industry Newsfeeds
  • ✔ 2 Regional Newsfeeds
  • ✔ Video Submission to 30 plus online Video Sites
  • ✔ WE BECOME A BACKER (Basic $5+20) $25
$29By a pro-blogger or journalist
  • ✔ Our professional staff will write the most Unique, Influencial and Highly Effective Press Release that will cover any topic or event of your choice.
  • ✔ All you have to do is provide any details and we’ll do the rest.
  • ✔ Ghost Written and all rights transferred to you.
  • ✔ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or money back
Kick Ass Article Writing (adjustable prices starting at $19)

- Order - Pro SEO

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    Level One

    Your 400 to 600 Article will be published on a high PR site like Wikihow etc.


  • Level Two

    We will grab 10 relevant articles that will be 90% spunned to pass copyscape. We will distribute the articles in 10 different high PR article sites like doc sharing etc. These articles will be linking to your level one article for added high quality link boost.


  • Level Three

    We will manually share the level two articles in top 250 Social Bookmarking sites.


  • Level Four

    We will search relevant blogs that have dofollow links and place 1,000 blog comments that will link back to your level 3 social bookmarks..


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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (on sale for $19)

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