US Hollywood International Film Festival (USHIFF) will showcase feature films and short films from around the world

October 15, 2015

FilUSHIFFposterfilmlogosnew10715mmakers from the United States, China, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Ecuador, Australia, Romania, Mexico, India, Switzerland, South Africa , Netherlands are participating as well as providing a platform for up and coming independent filmmakers representing the art and craft of cinematic storytelling. The festival was developed to foster meaningful global communication between all cultures through Cinema exposing international talent and building bridges of understanding and creativity within the film industry.

This festival is a great opportunity to expose a diverse range of talent not only to the public, but to distributors, investors and others who are in the fashion and entertainment business.

We invite a new generation of filmmakers to “Twist the System” by rewarding unique and unorthodox approaches to filmmaking. USHIFF emphasizes emerging technologies such as mobile devices and digital media in film production and distribution. The Festival will showcase both established and undiscovered filmmakers, utilizing online video platforms and social media to share these films with a worldwide audience.

Chairman Michael Tse recently announced co-chairs of this year’s festival; Dr. Jimmy Jiang, Chairman of Big Screen Entertainment Group and Producer of Hollywood International Film Exchange, Sam Liu Chairman of American International Cultural Exchange Foundation. Dr. Michael Long of IChing Int’l, . and Kimberley Kates , CEO of Big Screen Entertainment Group. Participants include a list of well known members from film, television and music, including Serita Stevens, author of over 32 books, 11 screenplays; Scott Richter, attorney and successful screenwriter, Billy Chen President WCETV , Samson Lai Director, Award Winner Actress Sharla Zhang Min, Emmy Award winning stylist, Theresa Broadnax; Actors Penny Johnson Jerald and Josh Server, and a roster of other influential guest

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